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TalkTalk Business invited over 100 of its Carrier and Partner customers to its Connectivity Matters Summit, championing connectivity. They selected the venue to have a vibrant, brand-able and high-tech vision for the conference. It featured high-impact signage at the entrance and logos on the bollards outside the site. TalkTalk also made full use of the LED screen inside to display branded messaging throughout the day.


This case study highlights the resounding success of TalkTalk Business' Connectivity Matters Summit, which brought together over 100 Carrier and Partner customers. The venue was carefully selected to align with TalkTalk's vibrant, brand-able, and high-tech vision for the conference. High-impact signage at the entrance and logos on bollards outside the site, along with branded messaging on the LED screen inside, showcased TalkTalk's commitment to championing connectivity. The in-house events team collaborated closely with TalkTalk to curate a jam-packed schedule, ensuring the summit ran smoothly. With thought-provoking sessions, dynamic panel discussions, and active audience engagement through the event app, the summit exceeded expectations. Cutting-edge presentation and collaboration technologies, along with a reliable high-speed internet connection, ensured a seamless and engaging experience for all attendees.


TalkTalk Business invited over 100 of its esteemed Carrier and Partner customers to its Connectivity Matters Summit, a platform to celebrate and promote connectivity innovations.

To bring their high-tech vision to life, TalkTalk selected a venue that perfectly aligned with their brand and event goals. The venue featured vibrant, brand-able elements, including high-impact signage at the entrance and logos displayed on bollards outside. Inside, an LED screen displayed TalkTalk's branded messaging throughout the day, captivating the audience.

The high-tech conference thrived thanks to a reliable high-speed internet connection and cutting-edge presentation and collaboration technologies. This ensured smooth interactions, seamless presentations, and a captivating experience for all participants.


The summit's carefully curated schedule began with an inspiring address from TalkTalk's Chairman, Sir Charles Dunstone. This was followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion on the future of fiber, led by TalkTalk Business' Fibre for Everyone Director, Guy Miller. The event also featured a session focusing on robotics and AI, encouraging audience participation in sharing their technology implementations.

Throughout the day, TalkTalk fostered active audience engagement through the event app, inviting attendees to submit questions during sessions. The app moderator noted that it was one of the highest numbers of questions asked during an event they had worked on, particularly during the 'New connectivity landscape' panel featuring Openreach, FibreNation, G.Network, and Gigaclear.


The Connectivity Matters Summit organised by TalkTalk Business exemplifies the power of selecting a vibrant and high-tech venue to elevate event experiences. Through captivating branding elements, engaging sessions, and active audience participation, the summit celebrated connectivity and showcased TalkTalk's commitment to innovation. The seamless execution, powered by cutting-edge technology and a reliable internet connection, underscored the importance of a well-equipped and dynamic environment for successful conferences. 

''I found Jordan to be really helpful and really good at solving issues on site. The catering and DJ were very good and I would use the venue again,it's been a pleasure to work with you! A huge thank you''


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