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Christmas Party

After having to postpone due to the pandemic and then further delay due to train strikes, SEGA Europe, one of the largest multinational video game and entertainment companies in the world came to Ministry Venues to hold their third major event with us.


This case study celebrates SEGA's immersive event, 'Blast to the Past,' hosted within The Box at Ministry Venues - Elephant & Castle. Drawing inspiration from the iconic movie 'Back to the Future,' Ministry Venues worked diligently to bring the event vision to life. SEGA creatively transformed The Box into a nostalgic 'Blast to the Past' themed space, featuring interactive arcade games, a charming 1950s diner area, and a stylishly decorated dance floor. The entranceway leading to The Box was brilliantly illuminated to create a captivating vortex effect, immersing guests in a feeling of time travel. Ministry Venues' in-house events team played a pivotal role in envisioning and executing the party, ensuring every aspect of the event, from the initial meeting to the set dismantling, ran smoothly.


Every year, SEGA embraces a theme and endeavours to create an immersive experience from the chosen idea. Inspired by the cult classic 'Back to the Future,' Ministry Venues collaborated with SEGA to make this vision a reality.

Ministry Venues - Elephant & Castle proved to be the ideal canvas for SEGA's 'Blast to the Past' concept. The space was ingeniously transformed into a 1950s-inspired wonderland, complete with interactive arcade games, a retro diner area, and a dance floor adorned with era-appropriate decor. The versatility of the venue, supported by the state-of-the-art AV, proved to be a winner for the client. 

To set the stage for a journey back in time, the entranceway leading to The Box was adorned with enchanting lighting, creating a mesmerising vortex effect. This innovative approach allowed guests to experience the sensation of travelling back in time even before entering the main event.


The success of the 'Blast to the Past' event was a result of seamless collaboration between SEGA and Ministry Venues' in-house events team. From the initial planning meetings to the dismantling of the set after the event, the team ensured that every detail was meticulously executed. The client approached Ministry Venues in February 2022 to start planning their Christmas Party for another year. All the client events are immersive and very well executed and they were yet to think of a theme for their returning event. After much deliberation, they settled on the venue's suggestion of ''Back to the Future''. We then went about creating a mood board for the client and worked seamlessly to produce the event with them.  


SEGA's 'Blast to the Past' themed event at the venue captured the hearts and imaginations of attendees, providing an unforgettable journey through time. The immersive experience, expertly crafted by Ministry Venues and SEGA, left a lasting impression on all who attended.


SEGA's 'Blast to the Past' themed immersive event at Ministry Venues - Elephant & Castle, exemplifies the power of creative collaboration and exceptional event planning. By transforming the space into a nostalgic wonderland and enchanting guests with captivating lighting effects, the event celebrated the timeless appeal of the 'Back to the Future' concept. 

''Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did to make our bash such a blast!  It really is incredible working with you all, my favourite venue of all time.  I mean it! Our staff had an amazing time, the space looked super cool and we got through the night with very few casualties which is always a win win for me.''


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