An Interview with Just Talent

An Interview with Just Talent

Just Talent are an award-winning entertainment agency, who deliver immersive, memorable event experiences for high profile brands, festivals, corporate clients, SME’s, venues direct, and private clients around the globe. Just Talent pride themselves on bringing together a collective of the industries most talented entertainers and event experts. Their creative ability, experience and networks enables them to curate bespoke, breath-taking immersive entertainment that is unforgettable, and tailored to client’s needs.

What is the history behind Just Talent, how and when did it start?

“Just Talent started ten years ago. I was a performer myself for many years and if I couldn’t work a job, I would source someone else for a client and as time went on this began to grow more and more. I also worked in recruitment, marketing and staffing over this period. At a certain point I realised I could make a business out of booking these entertainers. Therefore, I put together the skills I gained from my previous jobs, along with my ability to book entertainers, coupled with the large network I had gained from this, in order to create Just Talent.”

What are your strengths as a talent company?

“Because I used to work as a performer, I really understand what goes into performing. This gives me an edge because I can recognise talented performers. Furthermore, I know most of my entertainers very well, we are like a close family. This means that the clients can trust that the entertainers I am providing are talented and will do a great job.”

What types of entertainment do you have, musicians, dancers, etc?

“We have everything. Musicians, bands, DJ’s, circus acts, dancers, etc. We can literally provide any type of entertainment, even if it’s not something that’s in our books, because I have such a great network, if a client asks for something then I should be able to source it. We have also recently started providing other forms of entertainment like photo booths, games hire, Scalextric tracks, etc.”

How have you developed such a large portfolio of entertainers?

“As I’ve mentioned, I used to work as a performer myself. Because of this I have built up a large portfolio of entertainers. Also, as the years have gone on, I have naturally built up this portfolio organically through my work. My social media has 5000+ friends who are mostly performers so sometimes if I need to, I can make a post on there to get performers.”

What entertainment would you offer for award shows?

“Well, it really depends on the demographic of the audience and whether or not there has been a pre agreed theme. That being said, everyone will always want a DJ for a dance at the end of the night, or a live band to provide great atmosphere. A magician can also provide entertainment for the guests and lastly a photo booth is always important to help capture the moment of the night. These factors might change depending on the audience or theme like I mentioned. For example, if it is a young audience with a 1920s theme, I would recommend entertainment like burlesque dancers, or a jazz band.”

What are the challenges you face in this industry?

“Since Covid I have noticed that some people are booking things very last minute. This can be stressful at times and requires us to be agile and adaptable. However, it is still something we can very much cater for as we are always able to fulfil your needs, even if it is”

What does the future hold for Just Talent?

“We are constantly growing, and this year has been a great year for us. We have recently expanded and now have a second person working for the business, this has had a great impact on our growth. Also, we have increased our entertainment possibilities as we now offer physical entertainment such as photobooths, scalextric tracks and games hire.”

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