An Interview with The London Kitchen

An Interview with The London Kitchen

Today we will highlight one of our incredible suppliers, The London Kitchen. The London Kitchen was founded in 2009 as an event caterer to focus on outstanding food and service. The London Kitchen believe that every event is unique, therefore they treat every client individually. Their small but talented team focus on proper food with no smears, soils, or emulsions, as they believe great ingredients always stand out.

We recently interviewed Damian, founder of The London Kitchen, to find out more about their business.

What led you to start The London Kitchen and pursue the catering industry?

“I had previously worked for other caterers, so I had experience in this area, I’m not a chef but my background is in front of house. Therefore, this is an extension of what I had done for years for other people. Whilst it’s not easy working for yourself, I do enjoy being able to be hands on, whether it’s driving the van or answering the phone, being a small company is beautiful.”

What are your strengths as a catering company?

“We have an obsession with service, it is vital! There are fantastic caterers out there with great food, but if you sell great food with average service, it becomes an average meal. My previous experience has helped me improve this and by offering the relevant support and training this helps my staff provide the best service possible.”

What are the challenges you face in today’s market?

“We are in a sweet spot, resisting the temptation to overstretch ourselves. We are facing the same challenges as most other companies; an uncertain supply chain with rising costs and staffing problems. With the current challenging market conditions, it is important to only accept the jobs that you can take on.”

How do you cater to a wide variety of clients?

“We have varied clients, ranging from corporate to some royal families. Therefore, we don’t have a set menu as we let the client decide. This involves a lot of listening, improvisation, and changes on the go. It is important to have the resources behind you to accommodate menu changes. The custom menu per client, truly allows us to tailor our service to each individual and helps make each event different.”

What does the future hold for the events industry?

“There needs to be more recognition in our industry as there is no industry governing body. We contribute a lot to the economy without any representation, more industry representation such as a minister, would really help raise awareness.”

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