An Interview with Yahire

An Interview with Yahire

Yahire specialises in furniture and catering hire for the Events Industry, priding themselves on value, reliability and quality. They deliver goods to over 250 events a week and have an experienced staff of over 70 people.

What is the history of Yahire, how did it all start?

“Yahire started 11 years ago; our directors worked 12-hour days to build up the portfolio. Originally starting with only 30 tables and 200 chairs, the business grew and now, 11 years down the line, we have two large warehouses in London and we are doing 250 events a week.”

What are your strengths as a company?

“Overall, it is difficult to pinpoint just one strength, the team all have strengths in their own areas which is why we have progressed so well. One thing that we do well is we listen to our customers and respond accordingly, we are constantly evolving the business to meet the new challenges within events. We are an independent London-based company which is a massive strength of ours, it means we can deliver to a lot of events and keep our costs down. A strength we have recently acquired is the custom-built online ordering system that we have built, allowing people to order 24/7 checking stock and availability all within 90 seconds. We are pioneers within the industry with this ordering system and it really does set us aside from the rest.”

What furniture is currently on trend?

“It really depends on the event and the venue that the client is using. Some clients like the more modern styles and in this case we may recommend furniture like ice chairs. If the client is a little more conservative, we can go for a relaxed style with low-seating sofas. We have noticed that the corporate event scene is changing, in general, they are being more creative with their events. The Events Industry is specifically full of young and pioneering people; we have to ensure we are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the game. We have built a lot of industrial-style furniture including scaffolding tables, pallet bars and plush velvet sofas. These have proven enormously popular with clients and we are busy working on our next range.”

What is the most popular type of event for you?

“We don’t necessarily have a most popular event as the type of event varies throughout the year. During December there are a lot of award shows and Christmas parties, whereas in summer we cater more to weddings and festivals. There are some pieces of furniture that are used throughout the year like the poseur tables and conference seating. There are always the staples, but it is the marques and outdoor rattan furniture that have their seasonal times.”

What are the challenges you face in this industry?

“I wouldn’t say we have any challenges; I would say that we have achievements we need to achieve. We always need to ensure we can continue to do better; we need to learn the industry and respond accordingly.”

What does the future hold for Yahire?

“After coming out of two difficult years of COVID, just being able to lay our roots back down, go back to normality and continue on has been great. We have had a large shift to supplying exhibitions, working with big venues and clients who we have always dreamed of working with. We have lots of exciting opportunities ahead, We have achieved so much already, but we strive to deliver more and as we believe there are always more opportunities out there.”

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