Ballet Nights: New Voices

Ballet Nights: New Voices


May 2024


Ballet Nights


Ministry of Sound


Public Event

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Curated by Jamiel Devernay-Laurence, Ballet Nights: New Voices transformed Ministry of Sound, into a captivating space for contemporary ballet. The event showcased a fusion of sophisticated dance and vibrant nightlife, offering a unique experience for attendees.

Designed to challenge traditional perceptions of dance venues, Ministry of Sound, typically associated with electronic music and nightlife, provided an unexpected yet dynamic backdrop for showcasing the contemporary ballet performances.

The event unfolded across two of the main spaces within Ministry of Sound. The 103 served as an intimate setting for initial performances. Here, dancers utilised multiple levels, including a stage positioned in front of the central DJ booth as well as atop the bar and walkway above. Lighting enhanced the atmosphere, allowing for up-close interactions between performers and the audience.

Later, acts moved through to The Box, with a larger stage setup. The space provided a contrast in performances, with each act utilising sound and lighting to amplify their choreography. Speaker stacks offered various vantage points, enhancing the immersive nature of the performances.

The event showcased creativity and innovation by choosing a non-traditional venue and seamlessly blended contemporary ballet with club culture. While predominantly attracting a youthful audience, the event pleasantly surprised older attendees who appreciated the intimate setting that allowed them to experience the performances up close.

Following the performances, the event transitioned smoothly into a DJ set by one of the dancers.

Looking forward, organisers are enthusiastic about hosting another iteration later this year. They plan to enhance the movement and fluidity throughout the event, aiming to strengthen engagement with the dance experience. Ballet Nights at Ministry of Sound not only pushed boundaries but also set a new standard for immersive and captivating dance events in unconventional settings. This success opens exciting possibilities for future productions, promising innovative and memorable experiences for audiences.

© G.S.
© G.S.

“[Ministry of Sound] had open arms, they were so excited. We walked out the same day with an agreement and a date.”