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EA Sports


April 2022


EA Sports x Premier League


Whole Venue



EA Sport x Premier League

EA Sports, in collaboration with the Premier League, contacted the venue through 160 over 90, their marketing agency, with a brief for e-gaming content creation. The client wanted multiple spaces to capture interviews and live content with the UK’s most talented e-football players.

As a weekend event, we were able to use the entirety of the event space in The Ministry, including The White Space, The Lounge, The Bar, The Garden, The Cinema, The Studio & The Meeting Room Suite.

The combination of all these spaces with distinctive design aesthetics under one roof appealed to the client and enabled them to keep both their costs and content creation time down.

Superfast Wi-Fi gave dedicated bandwidth ensuring that there was no lagging on any games or content.

EA Sport x Premier League
EA Sport x Premier League

“A big thank you. It was great, venue was perfect – and PL / EA really happy so thank you.”