Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting


March 2022


Pipps Relations


The White Space



Wine Tasting

The White Space made for the perfect backdrop for this exclusive wine tasting event for the hospitality industry.

Both local and international wine suppliers were brought together by Pipps Relations in both March and August 2022 to showcase their wines to exclusive hospitality buyers. The neutral backdrop ensured that the star of the show remained the wines themselves whilst the in- house team catered to the event in The Lounge adjoined.

The charm, character and rawness of the building complimented the rich vibrant colours of the natural wines whilst the simple easels enhanced the space by showcasing photos of the independent wineries that contributed to the event.

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

“I just wanted to share some of the great feedback we had about the venue:
‘Smart and convenient’
‘Bright and airy’
‘Nice space and good layout'”