Event Huddle has been an industry leader in free networking events for the past four years. In October 2019, Ministry Venues purchased Event Huddle from Athena Events to continue the debate. 
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Join this peer to peer group for sharing best practice and learning from industry leaders covering topics from social media excellence to wellbeing, the events economy and international trends.

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Mental Health and The Events Industry: Are we doing enough to support our staff?

28 January 2020 , 08: 00

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Kate Corfield

Fitness & Wellbeing Manager - Ministry of Sound Fitness

James Hitchen

General Manager - Event Marketing Association

Chris Hill

Business Owner - The Law of Addiction

John Martinez

CEO, Founder and Owner - Shocklogic

With long hours, deadlines for days, late night networking and dealing with customers, working in the events industry can be an exhilarating but stressful experience. Are we doing enough to support our staff or are we falling behind the times when it comes to prioritising mental wellbeing? Join Event Huddle to explore this important issue with some key industry experts and guests. Event Huddle panel chair Kevin Jackson is joined by thought leaders to discuss ways in which we can help tackle the problems and create much needed radical change within the industry.


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