Education and Experience: Paving The Way For Events Industry Newcomers

Education and Experience: Paving The Way For Events Industry Newcomers

16 June 2023


In this episode of the EventHuddle podcast, host Gabrielle Cook welcomes Priya Narain, co-founder of Event First Steps, to explore the role of education and experience in the events industry. Priya shares her own journey and highlights the importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive industry for newcomers. The discussion emphasises the value of both education and experience, debunking the notion of a divisive debate between the two. Instead, they advocate for a collaborative approach where education and experience complement each other, fostering growth and innovation in the industry.

Standout Quote:

"It's a bit of a pointless argument when we say, you know, it's education versus experience. No, it's education and experience. They complement each other and it should be embraced as that." - Priya Naraine


Event First Steps: A platform that offers panel discussions and networking events to support newcomers in the events industry.

Consider mentorship opportunities: Experienced professionals can mentor younger members of the industry, fostering a valuable exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Embrace collaboration: Encourage collaboration between individuals with formal education and those with experience to benefit from their respective strengths.


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