Empowering The Events Industry: Unifying Collaboration And Showcasing For Growth

Empowering The Events Industry: Unifying Collaboration And Showcasing For Growth

23 June 2023


In this episode of the Event Huddle podcast, host Gabby welcomes Rick Stainton, founder of Power of Events, to discuss their efforts in addressing the challenges faced by the events industry and their mission to establish standardisation, collaboration, and recognition within the sector.

The conversation delves into the journey of creating a powerful platform that defines and showcases the events industry, highlighting its interconnectedness across various sectors. Rick emphasises the importance of attracting new talent, gaining media coverage, and securing government support to elevate the industry's value and respect.

The episode also emphasises the power of collaboration, inclusivity, and the collective impact the industry can achieve.

Standout Quotes:

"We don't have that value or respect that we deserve, I don't believe. And if we can get a lot of the industry behind this, which is phenomenal... we can build on brand now, for the benefit of all professionals."

"If you think big enough and start delivering on it, people go, 'Okay, I need to help him, need to support just in the little way I can because if this could really benefit all of us, that industry purpose, rather than sort of self-focused commercial game. That attitude I think is really growing."

Resources/Call to Action:

Visit the Power Events website to explore the platform and discover the seven main sectors of the events industry.

Engage with the hundreds of profiled organisations, associations, and industry communities showcased on the platform.

Utilise the platform's resources, including event calendars, podcasts, online communities, and best practice profiles in DEI, sustainability, welfare, and skills.

Support the mission of Power Events to give better respect, and value, and showcase the power of the UK events industry by participating and contributing to the platform's growth and impact.

Sign up, support, and share the platform (powerofevents.org).

Provide feedback and suggestions for further development.

Get involved with the startup fund and support its mission.

Help spread the word on social media and through newsletters.

Connect with potential supporters and partners.

Stay tuned for the launch of the web insight app in September.

Explore opportunities for collaboration with universities and schools to promote events education.


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