How the Events Industry is Failing Non-Drinkers...

How the Events Industry is Failing Non-Drinkers...

12 April 2023

The events industry is synonymous with alcohol. Whether it's networking events, conferences, or parties, alcohol is often seen as a key component of a successful event. However, for non-drinkers, attending events can be a frustrating and isolating experience. Despite the growing trend towards healthier lifestyles and the rise of the sober-curious movement, many events still fail to provide adequate options for those who choose not to drink.

One of the biggest issues with the events industry's reliance on alcohol is that it can create an exclusive atmosphere. Non-drinkers can feel ostracized and excluded, forced to navigate events that are centred around a substance they don't consume. This can be particularly challenging in networking events, where alcohol is often seen as a social lubricant, and not drinking can be perceived as a lack of interest or engagement.

Furthermore, many non-drinkers are left with limited options when it comes to alternative beverages. Often, the only options available are sugary soft drinks or water, leaving those who are health-conscious or who simply do not like the alternative to feel left out. Thus, is it time for the events industry to step up and provide better options for non-drinkers?

One solution could be to offer mocktail options; made with fresh fruit, herbs, and other natural ingredients, it could provide a healthier and more interesting option. In addition, events could offer more low-alcohol options, such as beer or wine with a lower alcohol content, which could appeal to those who still want to drink but don't want to consume too much.

Of course, some may argue that alcohol is an essential part of events, and that it's impossible to create a successful event without it. However, this argument ignores the fact that events should be inclusive and welcoming for everyone. By ignoring the needs and preferences of non-drinkers, the events industry is creating a barrier that excludes a significant portion of the population.

Alcohol is a pervasive part of the events industry, but it's time for the industry to recognize that it's not the only way to create a successful event. While some argue that it is essential to creating a fun and social atmosphere, others see it as exclusionary and potentially dangerous. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how organisers and attendees navigate this issue and work to create events that are welcoming and inclusive for everyone, regardless of their drinking preferences.


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