Revolutionising Event Communities: The Power of Networking in a Modern World

Revolutionising Event Communities: The Power of Networking in a Modern World

28 July 2023


In this episode of the EventHuddle Podcast, host Gabby delves into the world of networking and event communities with special guest Diane Thompson, co-founder of The Delegate Wranglers, the UK's largest community for event professionals.

They discuss the importance of networking events in the event industry and how modern sources, such as online communities, are changing the landscape of professional connections. Diane shares her perspective on the sense of belonging that communities bring and how they can provide invaluable support, knowledge sharing, and opportunities.

The conversation explores the benefits of both in-person and online networking, highlighting the positive impact of making real connections and how it doesn't have to be exclusive to one or the other. Additionally, they discuss the shift towards more inclusive and alcohol-free networking events, where attendees can still have a great time without the focus being solely on drinking.

In addition to discussing the power of networking, Gabby and Diane also address the importance of inclusivity and providing a wide range of drink options at networking events. They highlight the impact of offering non-alcoholic choices to ensure everyone feels included and valued.

Join Gabby and Diane in this engaging and insightful episode as they revolutionise event communities and empower event professionals to thrive in the modern world.

Standout quote:

"As long as you are part of a community and you are with your like-minded people, that for me is what's important. That is finding your tribe."


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