The Art of Storytelling & Transformative Events

The Art of Storytelling & Transformative Events

16 June 2023


Join host Gabby in this episode of the Event Huddle podcast as she converses with Cassidy Knowles, co-owner and co-founder of Chorus, a renowned creative agency specialising in powerful theatrical and strategic live digital experiences. Together, they delve into the world of events, discussing recent trends, audience impact, and the art of storytelling in creating unforgettable experiences. From tackling challenging client briefs to the convergence of B2B and B2C events, this dynamic discussion provides insights into the transformative nature of the events industry and the magic behind bringing ideas to life.

Standout Quotes:

We're in this space with a three-metre-high ceiling and a dusty carpet. What are we going to do to make it the best it can be?

It's about creating something powerful through the experience that resonates with everyone and with everything...


Explore Chorus London's portfolio and discover their creative event solutions by visiting their website at

Learn about the renowned global competition, Bartender of the Year, executed successfully by Chorus London, setting a benchmark for excellence in event production and community engagement.

Gain insights and initiatives related to sustainability in events from isla (International Sustainable Events Association), an industry body dedicated to promoting sustainable practices.

Consider reaching out to creative agencies like Chorus or others of interest for potential opportunities or collaborations. Share your passion and similar interests without hesitation.

Embrace the power of collaboration, inclusive experiences, and the journey toward sustainability in event planning and execution.


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