Transforming Events: Embracing Inclusion & Unleashing The Power Of Wales

Transforming Events: Embracing Inclusion & Unleashing The Power Of Wales

14 July 2023


In this episode of the Event Huddle Podcast, hosts Gabby, Heledd Williams, and Danielle Bounds delve into the world of modern events, the importance of inclusion, and the remarkable success story of the SQL Bits event held at ICC Wales. The conversation explores how Heledd and Danielle collaborated with the event organiser to overcome challenges, create a unique experience, and transform perceptions of Wales as a destination for hosting events.

From incorporating Welsh culture and language to innovative venue setups and sustainable practices, they discuss the key elements that made this event a game-changer. Furthermore, they highlight the collaborative approach, the power of authentic experiences, and the impact on the event industry.

Standout Quote:

"When you meet a client that you really bond with, the organising team is really unique in this as well... The fact that I got to go and kind of be the observer, you know, you're literally contrasting black and white in the sense of the event we experienced versus what was actually delivered at ICC Wales."

Resources/Call to Action: Discover more about Wales and its attractions.

Encourage sustainable practices: Repurpose event items and support local charities.

Engage attendees and speakers: Encourage them to write blogs about the event to share their experiences and feedback.

Explore the Welsh Government's initiatives and support for hosting events in Wales.

Connect with Heledd Williams and Danielle Bounds to discuss potential event opportunities in Wales.


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