Unleashing The Power Of Social Media In The Events Industry

Unleashing The Power Of Social Media In The Events Industry

16 June 2023


In this engaging podcast episode, Gabrielle Cook explores the profound impact of social media in the events industry. Our guest, Tom McMahon, CEO of, a customer acquisition agency specializing in events, provides valuable insights into leveraging social media for brand awareness and event attendance. We delve into both organic and paid aspects of social media, emphasizing the importance of a solid digital strategy. From the potential of TikTok as a platform to the evolving landscape of social media, this episode offers actionable advice for B2C and B2B professionals looking to connect with audiences and drive results.

Standout Quote:

"A paid digital strategy is gonna be arguably the most effective way of boosting your brand awareness and actual event attendance, and especially in the past couple of years, being able to really nail that Digital strategy means it can be more effective than any other form of investment." - Tom McMahon


Experiment with TikTok and embrace the power of short-form content to reach and engage your target audience. Adapt your content creation approach to resonate with your audience's preferences and leverage trends. Remember, the style of content is more important than the platform it resides on.

Consider leveraging LinkedIn as a primary platform for targeting individuals based on industry, seniority, and interests.

Explore collaborations with micro-influencers within the events industry who have a relevant following to amplify your reach.

Create behind-the-scenes content to showcase the process, effort, and human elements behind events, fostering a deeper connection with audiences.

Focus on understanding the emotional reasons why people attend events and tailor content to tap into those motivations.

Continuously innovate social media strategies by looking at successful approaches in other industries and adapting them to the events space.


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