Welcome to the EventHuddle Podcast

Welcome to the EventHuddle Podcast

12 June 2023

EventHuddle has officially moved into a new format. Ministry Venues' own Gabrielle Cook is hosting The EventHuddle Podcast, the show that aims to delve into the real topics of the industry and talk to experts in their fields to answer your questions.

This podcast is for anyone, whether you are a seasoned Veteran of the industry, just joined the industry, or simply someone who wants to learn more, all presented from the perspective of a newcomer. 

Have you had a listen to our trailer?

(Don't have 2 minutes to spare? Here's a transcript of the trailer for you)

Introducing the EventHuddle Podcast, your new home for everything events. It’s our very first season and we’re super excited.

My name is Gabby Cook, and I am your host for this very first season. As a newcomer to the events industry, having only been in this world for 5 months, I’m going to be with you every step of the way as we learn about each aspect of so we can all call ourselves #EventProfs.

Speaking of which, shall I tell you all about EventHuddle. EventHuddle started about 8 years ago, operating as a platform for discussion and debate at live events all revolving around the events industry. Unfortunately, like many businesses, we had to change our format over COVID-19, with live events just not being a possibility. This spurred the conversation to bring the platform to a more accessible source, by making it a podcast format. That is what you are listening to right now!

So, The EventHuddle Podcast is following from where we left off and delves into the real topics of the industry. That’s why we created this show. whether you are a seasoned veteran of the industry, just joined, or simply someone who wants to learn more, we’ve got you covered.

Each episode comes out every Friday and is a sweet 30 minutes, the perfect amount of time to learn something new!

We’ve got a great lineup of event professionals to answer any of your questions from all areas, from marketing to event organisers, to recruiters, to sales, all with their expert opinions. I’m as new to this as you all are, so I’m going to be learning along with everyone.

So, what are you going to hear in Season 1?

Well, I don’t want to give it all away too quickly, but we’ll be looking into:

The Power of Events

The role of TikTok and digital marketing

Is there still a stereotype of women in the industry?

Networking, and the drinking culture within it.

Yes, we’ll be asking those questions that you always wanted to be covered.

Intrigued? We know you are.

Just keep listening to dive straight into our first episode.

If you want to find us, make sure to check us out on our website eventhuddle.co.uk, or you can find us on Apple Podcasts (and all your favourite podcasting services).

And of course, make sure that you subscribe to us, you might hear me say that a lot but, I can assure you, it’s worth it. That way you get to hear each and every episode but also gives you the chance to let me know your questions and comments, and if there’s something you’d love to find out, let us know!

We might even be able to bring back some exciting live events so you can ask your questions in person…stay tuned.

For now, keep listening to dive straight in and learn about the art of storytelling in events…


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