In the Booth: An Interview with Paloma

In the Booth: An Interview with Paloma

This week we are shining a spotlight on Paloma Melo, Sales Executive for Ministry Venues. Paloma has been with the company for the past three months and deals with enquiries for Ministry Venues – Borough. 

So how did you end up in the Events Industry?

I was born and raised in Brazil; it was here that I got my first job in the Events Industry. I spent many years as a model and during my holidays I would work in event production. I helped set up and manage multiple events, including the Brazilian Carnival, Tomorrowland and American Society to name but a few. This was my first introduction into the Events Industry.

How did you begin working for Ministry Venues?

In 2017, I moved to England. Originally my plan was to stay in London for a month, before I was to fly out to Milan for my next modelling contract. However due to a yoga injury, I had to stay in London for a bit longer, it was during this time I fell in love with the place. I decided to move to London and begin my degree in business & marketing. Whilst at university, I found out I had cancer, I moved back to Brazil for my treatment and after the all clear I came back to London to finish my last year of university. After my recent cancer treatment, I was suffering with fatigue and brain fog which sadly made it hard to find a job. Thankfully one of my friends introduced me to a contact at Ministry Venues which gave me the opportunity for an interview. There were no jobs available at the time so I asked if I could do an internship and I was given this opportunity. After working for three weeks on an internship, I was offered a full-time job in sales as luckily one had become available. 

Has your previous job as a model helped you work in the events industry?

When I used to model, I spent a lot of time in house shares and traveling with large groups of people across the world. Working in places such as Italy, South-Africa, China, India, and South America and constantly dealing with a diverse range of people has helped me gain strong skills which have proven useful in communicating effectively with my clients.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I really enjoy being involved in the events process. I love that I can play my part in helping people create the events they had envisioned. I also enjoy seeing the progression and growth of myself, colleagues, and the business. Right now, the business has a lot of interesting opportunities ahead with the launch of a new venue and there is exciting development programmes on the horizon for all of us. I also really enjoy working with my team, we are very close-knit and support each other both inside and outside of work.

What are your biggest challenges at work?

The biggest challenge for me is working in another country and culture, speaking another language and adapting to the British sense of humour. I was born and raised in Brazil; my English-speaking capabilities weren’t great when I first arrived. English is my third language and although I am far more capable now, it can still be difficult sometimes. Having worked for myself my whole life It can also be a challenge for me to work within an organisation. I was a freelancer when I modelled, and my days had little schedule or routine. Therefore, adapting to working inside an organisation with set routines, agendas and working hours can be challenging at times. This is a challenge that I love adapting to and it is great to learn new ways of achieving goals and I am enjoying the routine which is allowing me, for the first time, to plan and see friends. 

What do you do outside of work?

I am a very calm and relaxed person, outside of work I like to unwind and spend time watching TV, looking after my plants, cooking Brazilian food, and cleaning. Outside of my home I also love going on bike rides, eating out and traveling.

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