‘If Walls Could Talk’: Designing Ministry Venues – Borough

Opened in 2018, Ministry Venues – Borough may look inconspicuous from the outside, but the inside reveals history and character beneath every layer. Located just around the corner from its sister venue, Ministry Venues – Elephant & Castle, Borough started its history as a Letts diary factory. Now, over 150 years later, it has developed into a prominent and distinctive venue.

We sat down with Simon Moore, Creative Director, who, with over two decades of experience, worked at the forefront of the design and infrastructure for Borough.

Before & After – Entrance to The Meeting Room Suite

Before any work even began, it had to be determined what was to be achieved with this new venture. Elephant & Castle, with its 32-year long history, had already established itself as an iconic and globally recognised venue space because it offered something ‘different’ to the rest of the world. Now, Borough had to do the same in its own way.

‘It was just simple and powerful…We wanted to do things that were very different to everybody else because [Elephant & Castle], when that started out, it was completely unique.”

This is where the concept of ‘Premium Raw’ came into play. Everything was stripped out –the walls, the floors, the ceilings all exposed and taken back to their natural state. Rather than doing the same as everyone else and covering up ‘imperfections’, these would then become the character of the spaces. When walking around the venue, you’ll be able to spot gaps, chips, pencil marks, all sorts on the ceiling above you; all of which were left on purpose.

We then brought in premium Italian furniture made exclusively for the venue. The juxtaposition of premium dressings against a raw building shouldn’t work, but the fact that they are opposites makes their union so harmonious. We have thought through everything within the venue, and we even have our own scent that circulates throughout the building. 

Before & After – The Cafe

In The Study, you’ll notice a square cut-out in the wall where a layer of the wall was taken out to look at the structure of the building. Look at the floor on your journey through the venue – you’ll notice the original flooring and how it’s changed through the building’s numerous iterations. Keeping the exposed brick, wood and metal from the 150-year history means there’s warmth and character that you won’t often find in such spaces as meeting rooms.

“All 60 people were new to the building and were absolutely stunned by the vibe, décor and general feel of the building along with the event organisation, staff and AV. It suited us more than any other venue we have used previously in London!” (Scottish Widows)

The Event Space within the building; The White Space; is an empty blank canvas, the floor untouched and exposed, and flooded with natural daylight from the large, dual-aspect industrial windows. Full conference AV equipment has been installed into the space to seamlessly enhance your event.

This level of attention and detail brings Borough into its own venue category, providing a unique setting and experience.

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An Interview with Yahire

Yahire specialises in furniture and catering hire for the Events Industry, priding themselves on value, reliability and quality. They deliver goods to over 250 events a week and have an experienced staff of over 70 people.

What is the history of Yahire, how did it all start?

“Yahire started 11 years ago; our directors worked 12-hour days to build up the portfolio. Originally starting with only 30 tables and 200 chairs, the business grew and now, 11 years down the line, we have two large warehouses in London and we are doing 250 events a week.”

What are your strengths as a company?

“Overall, it is difficult to pinpoint just one strength, the team all have strengths in their own areas which is why we have progressed so well. One thing that we do well is we listen to our customers and respond accordingly, we are constantly evolving the business to meet the new challenges within events. We are an independent London-based company which is a massive strength of ours, it means we can deliver to a lot of events and keep our costs down. A strength we have recently acquired is the custom-built online ordering system that we have built, allowing people to order 24/7 checking stock and availability all within 90 seconds. We are pioneers within the industry with this ordering system and it really does set us aside from the rest.”

What furniture is currently on trend?

“It really depends on the event and the venue that the client is using. Some clients like the more modern styles and in this case we may recommend furniture like ice chairs. If the client is a little more conservative, we can go for a relaxed style with low-seating sofas. We have noticed that the corporate event scene is changing, in general, they are being more creative with their events. The Events Industry is specifically full of young and pioneering people; we have to ensure we are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the game. We have built a lot of industrial-style furniture including scaffolding tables, pallet bars and plush velvet sofas. These have proven enormously popular with clients and we are busy working on our next range.”

What is the most popular type of event for you?

“We don’t necessarily have a most popular event as the type of event varies throughout the year. During December there are a lot of award shows and Christmas parties, whereas in summer we cater more to weddings and festivals. There are some pieces of furniture that are used throughout the year like the poseur tables and conference seating. There are always the staples, but it is the marques and outdoor rattan furniture that have their seasonal times.”

What are the challenges you face in this industry?

“I wouldn’t say we have any challenges; I would say that we have achievements we need to achieve. We always need to ensure we can continue to do better; we need to learn the industry and respond accordingly.”

What does the future hold for Yahire?

“After coming out of two difficult years of COVID, just being able to lay our roots back down, go back to normality and continue on has been great. We have had a large shift to supplying exhibitions, working with big venues and clients who we have always dreamed of working with. We have lots of exciting opportunities ahead, We have achieved so much already, but we strive to deliver more and as we believe there are always more opportunities out there.”

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An Interview with Just Talent

Just Talent are an award-winning entertainment agency, who deliver immersive, memorable event experiences for high profile brands, festivals, corporate clients, SME’s, venues direct, and private clients around the globe. Just Talent pride themselves on bringing together a collective of the industries most talented entertainers and event experts. Their creative ability, experience and networks enables them to curate bespoke, breath-taking immersive entertainment that is unforgettable, and tailored to client’s needs.

What is the history behind Just Talent, how and when did it start?

“Just Talent started ten years ago. I was a performer myself for many years and if I couldn’t work a job, I would source someone else for a client and as time went on this began to grow more and more. I also worked in recruitment, marketing and staffing over this period. At a certain point I realised I could make a business out of booking these entertainers. Therefore, I put together the skills I gained from my previous jobs, along with my ability to book entertainers, coupled with the large network I had gained from this, in order to create Just Talent.”

What are your strengths as a talent company?

“Because I used to work as a performer, I really understand what goes into performing. This gives me an edge because I can recognise talented performers. Furthermore, I know most of my entertainers very well, we are like a close family. This means that the clients can trust that the entertainers I am providing are talented and will do a great job.”

What types of entertainment do you have, musicians, dancers, etc?

“We have everything. Musicians, bands, DJ’s, circus acts, dancers, etc. We can literally provide any type of entertainment, even if it’s not something that’s in our books, because I have such a great network, if a client asks for something then I should be able to source it. We have also recently started providing other forms of entertainment like photo booths, games hire, Scalextric tracks, etc.”

How have you developed such a large portfolio of entertainers?

“As I’ve mentioned, I used to work as a performer myself. Because of this I have built up a large portfolio of entertainers. Also, as the years have gone on, I have naturally built up this portfolio organically through my work. My social media has 5000+ friends who are mostly performers so sometimes if I need to, I can make a post on there to get performers.”

What entertainment would you offer for award shows?

“Well, it really depends on the demographic of the audience and whether or not there has been a pre agreed theme. That being said, everyone will always want a DJ for a dance at the end of the night, or a live band to provide great atmosphere. A magician can also provide entertainment for the guests and lastly a photo booth is always important to help capture the moment of the night. These factors might change depending on the audience or theme like I mentioned. For example, if it is a young audience with a 1920s theme, I would recommend entertainment like burlesque dancers, or a jazz band.”

What are the challenges you face in this industry?

“Since Covid I have noticed that some people are booking things very last minute. This can be stressful at times and requires us to be agile and adaptable. However, it is still something we can very much cater for as we are always able to fulfil your needs, even if it is lastminute.com”

What does the future hold for Just Talent?

“We are constantly growing, and this year has been a great year for us. We have recently expanded and now have a second person working for the business, this has had a great impact on our growth. Also, we have increased our entertainment possibilities as we now offer physical entertainment such as photobooths, scalextric tracks and games hire.”

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In the Booth: An Interview with Paloma

This week we are shining a spotlight on Paloma Melo, Sales Executive for Ministry Venues. Paloma has been with the company for the past three months and deals with enquiries for Ministry Venues – Borough. 

So how did you end up in the Events Industry?

I was born and raised in Brazil; it was here that I got my first job in the Events Industry. I spent many years as a model and during my holidays I would work in event production. I helped set up and manage multiple events, including the Brazilian Carnival, Tomorrowland and American Society to name but a few. This was my first introduction into the Events Industry.

How did you begin working for Ministry Venues?

In 2017, I moved to England. Originally my plan was to stay in London for a month, before I was to fly out to Milan for my next modelling contract. However due to a yoga injury, I had to stay in London for a bit longer, it was during this time I fell in love with the place. I decided to move to London and begin my degree in business & marketing. Whilst at university, I found out I had cancer, I moved back to Brazil for my treatment and after the all clear I came back to London to finish my last year of university. After my recent cancer treatment, I was suffering with fatigue and brain fog which sadly made it hard to find a job. Thankfully one of my friends introduced me to a contact at Ministry Venues which gave me the opportunity for an interview. There were no jobs available at the time so I asked if I could do an internship and I was given this opportunity. After working for three weeks on an internship, I was offered a full-time job in sales as luckily one had become available. 

Has your previous job as a model helped you work in the events industry?

When I used to model, I spent a lot of time in house shares and traveling with large groups of people across the world. Working in places such as Italy, South-Africa, China, India, and South America and constantly dealing with a diverse range of people has helped me gain strong skills which have proven useful in communicating effectively with my clients.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I really enjoy being involved in the events process. I love that I can play my part in helping people create the events they had envisioned. I also enjoy seeing the progression and growth of myself, colleagues, and the business. Right now, the business has a lot of interesting opportunities ahead with the launch of a new venue and there is exciting development programmes on the horizon for all of us. I also really enjoy working with my team, we are very close-knit and support each other both inside and outside of work.

What are your biggest challenges at work?

The biggest challenge for me is working in another country and culture, speaking another language and adapting to the British sense of humour. I was born and raised in Brazil; my English-speaking capabilities weren’t great when I first arrived. English is my third language and although I am far more capable now, it can still be difficult sometimes. Having worked for myself my whole life It can also be a challenge for me to work within an organisation. I was a freelancer when I modelled, and my days had little schedule or routine. Therefore, adapting to working inside an organisation with set routines, agendas and working hours can be challenging at times. This is a challenge that I love adapting to and it is great to learn new ways of achieving goals and I am enjoying the routine which is allowing me, for the first time, to plan and see friends. 

What do you do outside of work?

I am a very calm and relaxed person, outside of work I like to unwind and spend time watching TV, looking after my plants, cooking Brazilian food, and cleaning. Outside of my home I also love going on bike rides, eating out and traveling.

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The top 9 reasons to start a podcast:

We recently caught up with Jason Allan Scott who has previously used our podcasting room, The Studio, in Ministry Venues – Borough for himself and his clients. Here are his top 9 reasons to start a podcast for your business.

1. It’s a Great Content Marketing Tool

Content marketing is the practice of providing valuable information to your target audience to build a long-term relationship of trust with them. Once your audience knows, likes and trusts you, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you when they’re ready. 

And what better way to develop a relationship of trust than with a podcast? It’s a great content medium for building a loyal audience base that connects with your topic choice, host personality, and delivery style. Also, according to our previous EventHuddle speaker, Jason Allan Scott, there is far less competition for your ears than your eyes in today’s competitive attention landscape! 

Podcasting is also an easy way to repurpose content you’ve already made (or vice-versa) and get more traffic to your site through SEO and getting multiple eyeballs on your content on multiple social media platforms – while only having to do one action, host a podcast! Many birds, one mighty stone! 

2. It’s Very Affordable

You don’t need a massive budget to start a podcast—in fact, it’s possible to create a professional-quality podcast with £500. 

3. It’s a Great Way to Network

Hosting a podcast is also an excellent opportunity to connect with other experts or major players in your field. You might invite them on as guests or even become guests on their shows. 

After all, a podcast is essentially a recorded conversation, so what better way to network and get to know others in your space? Plus, thanks to a pandemic we will not name, you have all the practice you need to be a great podcaster simply by doing all those zoom and google hangout meetings you were forced to do! 

4. You Can Build Your Brand and Establish Your Authority in Your Industry

Hosting a podcast lets you demonstrate your expertise by making your conversations, insights, and monologues public. With an established podcast, you can build a backlog of examples of your authority and knowledge of your field. You can then link back to this in other blogs to come or send clients there to show provenance and build trust. 

5. Statistically, Podcast Listeners Have Money to Spend

45% of podcast listeners earn more than 250,000 in yearly household income (yes this is in USD as we can’t seem to find Ofcom’s report). That means they’re a great audience if you want to find potential customers. 

But before you get excited about the prospect of landing more sales, remember the basic principle of content marketing: you provide value over time so that your audience trusts you. It’s a slow process, so don’t be overly sales-eee, or your listeners will be turned off.

6. Podcasts Can Be an Added Source of Revenue

And, of course, an engaged audience means you can create additional income streams from your podcast, make partnerships, and test new products and services for your business without having to pay for an audience. 

For instance, if your catering company starts a podcast, the manager of a local wedding venue might be interested in making an appearance on your show. You can have conversations about wedding food tastes that interest your audience while everyone gets some publicity and then start a relationship with the venue, so you can later sell your catering.

7. Podcasts can easily be converted into more content

To make the best of your podcast, a good idea is to repurpose it into other content material. Some people prefer to consume content through written text than hear everything audibly. You can easily use the transcripts of a podcast to create blogs, articles, and even online course written materials. This helps boost search rankings, creating more traffic possibilities for your business’ site. 

Another idea is to convert your podcast into shorter shareable segments to share on all social media platforms. This not only entices listeners to hear your full podcast, but this can serve as a great way to provide short snippets of content for different channels without going through the effort of having to create something new. Make once, share multiple pieces of content. 

8. Get more clients from a new audience 

When you start podcasting for your business, you can tap into a whole new audience channel. While some people are less reluctant to read content or buy a service/product through advertising, they might be more interested in listening to a podcast. 

Through podcasting platforms, you also place your brand in a new space. This means you can reach audiences that originally might not hear about you from other marketing channels. A larger audience means you could earn yourself more clients and for this reason, podcasting for small businesses starting out is great for attracting new leads. Though, this is equally helpful for bigger businesses looking to grow their client base.

9. Podcasts are effective advertising tools

Although your business podcast is not a traditional advert, this type of marketing can be highly effective. In fact, according to research, podcast ads have high recall rates. Podcasts have 4 times better brand recall than display ads and in a Nielsen survey62% of respondents say that podcasts have made them consider buying a new product or service. Another strength of podcasting for business is that you can make advertisements more organic. You don’t have to read out a super salesy podcast ad, but instead, you can mention your service more naturally in conversation. 

Creating a long-term, engaging, and rewarding content strategy is no easy feat but if done well with long and short-term goals in mind, a podcast is certain to pay off. 

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An Interview with Boulevard Events

Boulevard Events are an award-winning caterer based in East London, who have been creating incredible food experiences since 1988, and is still family owned to this day. Boulevard Events have a passion for outstanding food and an acute knowledge of flavours, which is the key to their success and the first thing they look for in a chef. The undeniable talent and camaraderie within the Boulevard Events kitchen team is fundamentally why they are now one of London’s best caterers, led by MD Daniel Maher.

What is the history behind Boulevard Events, how did it start?

“We started as a restaurant that my parents owned in Hackney back in 1988. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that my parents decided to solely focus on catering. We first started catering for events in 2006 and five years later me, my brother and my sister took over. Since then, we’ve been completely focused on events.”

What are your strengths as a catering company?

“The people! I think that if you’re a caterer in London and you’re not providing exceptional food, then you won’t survive. Therefore, it takes more than the food in order to excel in this industry. Although we do provide incredible food, ultimately our job is to enhance guest experiences through the food we create and the service we provide.”

You have mentioned your strong focus on service, how do you achieve this?

“It is important to get to know the clients you are working with. Don’t take things at face value. Instead, you need to find out as much as you can about the company you’re working with. This allows us to be able to go above and beyond the base level. Our team is vital for this as we need them to reflect this in the food they create and the service they offer. The training we provide and the culture we have created within our workforce is what makes this possible.”

You have mentioned your bespoke event packages on your website, could you elaborate on what these are?

“We get asked to do a lot of different events by clients. For example, this week a client requested Ugandan and Chinese food stations. Although we can’t offer a fully authentic Chinese or Ugandan dining experience, we can tailor our ingredients and dishes to do our own take on these cuisines. To tailor these tastes to the client we will ask for feedback on our tasting dishes, as well as eat in certain restaurants they may recommend. This helps us build up an image of what the client wants, which we then use to create our bespoke event packages.”

With December approaching, Christmas Parties are beginning to be booked, what do your Christmas Party Packages include.

“Our Christmas packages are traditional; people always gravitate towards seated meals and bowl food; they also always request Turkey. However, we do like to do things differently over Christmas and we’re always open to trying new things. Our packages will change depending on the venue we work at. However, in most cases a Christmas Party Package will include seated meals with traditional Christmas food.”

What are the challenges you face in this industry?

“We face the same challenges as everyone else such as inflation and supply issues. In catering specifically, input costs are at 20% due to energy and inflation, this greatly affects our profit margins. However, we’re able to rely on the skill sets of our team in order to work out how we can efficiently use ingredients to save costs. Challenging times like this create innovation and help improve sustainability, we need to be less wasteful and more efficient with energy and food. Therefore, the challenges we are facing have solutions which are in line with what we are currently trying to improve.”

What does the future hold for Boulevard Events?

“Every business wants to grow and we’re no different, but we have to do this the right way and be proud of what we’re doing. Catering is a hard industry, so you need to love and believe in the work you are doing. Because were a family business we focus on our core values and if we grow, it has to be in line with these values. Sustainability is also a big deal for us and because were in the food industry, there is a lot of scope to make a big impact.”

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In the Booth: An Interview with Adam Quigley

Adam has worked in the events industry for 20 years. He is the head of Events for Ministry Venues, Director of EventHuddle and a Trustee on the board for The Sisters Grimm Charitable Trust. 

How did you end up in the Events Industry?

I started my life training at The Royal Ballet School to become a professional ballet dancer. After 7 years of training, I joined The Royal Ballet before moving to Israel Ballet as a Principal and then Northern Ballet. In March 2003 I injured my knee during a performance of Onegin where I was playing Lensky, this was the last performance that I would give and I never danced again. After multiple surgeries I started working as a bartender and within a year I had been promoted to General Manager. A year later I was the Area Manager for the company overseeing 20 bars and a large event space. With the Head Office for the company being in Kilburn, I based myself at the events venue in Holborn and the rest as they say is history! 

You have talked about how you ended up in the events industry, but how did you find yourself at Ministry Venues, the company you currently work for now?

In 2011 I left The Bloomsbury Ballroom and joined Troxy in Limehouse as the Operations Director. I spent two years delivering both events and also working on Health & Safety documentation and justifications to increase the venue capacity from 2,661 to 3,100 with minimal works to the listed building. Achieving the goal in mid-2012, Troxy was granted the increased capacity and I moved back to The Bloomsbury Ballroom (now under different ownership) as the Sales & Events Director for a further 4 years.

In 2016, I was asked to come for an interview for the position of Head of Events for what is now Ministry Venues. Initially I had reservations, the company was well known around the world for music, I was unsure about their Corporate Events strategy and the importance of events to the wider business. After a total of 7 interviews, we had reached an agreement and developed a greater understanding of each other. It was my first time that I would be working for a company with multiple focusses, and I would be lying if I said that we had not had a debate or two over the years, but I can honestly say that they have respected me and welcomed the industry. 

Did your previous job as a dancer help you work within events?

The world of dance is all about rehearsals and planning and 80% of your day is before the performance. The synergies between performing and the Events Industry are uncanny with around 80% of the work in events being in planning and prep also. Providing that you have listened to your client and written detailed operational plans the event should go ahead without any major issues. The faults in both industries come from lack of preparation and this can have to serious consequences. 

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The team around me are really important, not only as I have accepted that I cannot do it all myself, but they are the next generation of eventprofs who will move the industry forward. Watching them learn and grow is highly rewarding and energises me in ways I would never have expected.

Watching clients choose Ministry Venues and seeing their visions taken through to reality can be highly rewarding. We offer full end to end event management and all of our events are bespoke, whilst this can be highly challenging the feedback we received from our clients is outstanding. With over 70% of events repeating it really shows us that we must be doing something right. 

What are your biggest challenges at work?

The biggest challenge is one of perception. In 2019 we changed the brand and became Ministry Venues, making us a separate entity and allowing for a clear differentiation in the offering. We are very proud of our history and sister brands; however, we know that these may not be brands that you think of for your conference or meeting. We have taken the expertise of the team and the learning of the last 31 years to create a company that consistently deliveries over the odds for clients, has higher than industry standard for repeat events and experiences over 50% growth year on year. We now deliver over 600 corporate events a year within our venue spaces and 900 meeting rooms, maybe it is time to rethink the perception! 

What’s your most memorable event so far?

I have had a career of almost 20 years and delivered thousands of events for corporates, celebrities and even Royalty. Every event is unique and special and there are moments that you hold with you, teaching a wedding couple their first dance, launching Kylies new album with Mastercard, hosting one of the first Gay weddings in the UK, hosting the premiers of Captain Phillips and Fury and delivering events for The Princes Trust. These are all fantastic events, but the two that really stand out for me are the ones that touched me personally.

In 2015 I delivered an event for a lady who held a gala dinner to raise money for her children. She had stage 4 cancer and had been given only months to live, her husband had recently been killed within the army and she had two small children (2 & 3). She delivered probably the most emotional speech that I have heard in my life, her one wish was that every person within that room told her children who her parents were and how much they were loved them. There was not a dry eye within the room and how we managed to deliver the remainder of dinner service still astounds me.

More recently we worked with a children’s charity to deliver a full sensory experience to highly disabled children on end-of-life care. To see these children react and light up when they felt the vibrations through the floor and the warmth of the lights on their faces will be a moment that stays with me for the rest of my life. I am very lucky to work for a company that recognises that giving back is just as important as the main commercial business. 

What do you do outside of work?

During the pandemic, I made the decision to move to Exeter in Devon. The Events Industry is known to be incredibly stressful and I needed to ensure that I was always in the best position to be able to support the team and improve my work/life balance. I am in the office Monday to Thursday and work from home on a Friday and this is one of the best decisions that I have made. I am a huge fan of cycling and nature, but I do also love a good movie, my team will often get photos of me on a beach or a cycle ride somewhere. 

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An Interview with The London Kitchen

Today we will highlight one of our incredible suppliers, The London Kitchen. The London Kitchen was founded in 2009 as an event caterer to focus on outstanding food and service. The London Kitchen believe that every event is unique, therefore they treat every client individually. Their small but talented team focus on proper food with no smears, soils, or emulsions, as they believe great ingredients always stand out.

We recently interviewed Damian, founder of The London Kitchen, to find out more about their business.

What led you to start The London Kitchen and pursue the catering industry?

“I had previously worked for other caterers, so I had experience in this area, I’m not a chef but my background is in front of house. Therefore, this is an extension of what I had done for years for other people. Whilst it’s not easy working for yourself, I do enjoy being able to be hands on, whether it’s driving the van or answering the phone, being a small company is beautiful.”

What are your strengths as a catering company?

“We have an obsession with service, it is vital! There are fantastic caterers out there with great food, but if you sell great food with average service, it becomes an average meal. My previous experience has helped me improve this and by offering the relevant support and training this helps my staff provide the best service possible.”

What are the challenges you face in today’s market?

“We are in a sweet spot, resisting the temptation to overstretch ourselves. We are facing the same challenges as most other companies; an uncertain supply chain with rising costs and staffing problems. With the current challenging market conditions, it is important to only accept the jobs that you can take on.”

How do you cater to a wide variety of clients?

“We have varied clients, ranging from corporate to some royal families. Therefore, we don’t have a set menu as we let the client decide. This involves a lot of listening, improvisation, and changes on the go. It is important to have the resources behind you to accommodate menu changes. The custom menu per client, truly allows us to tailor our service to each individual and helps make each event different.”

What does the future hold for the events industry?

“There needs to be more recognition in our industry as there is no industry governing body. We contribute a lot to the economy without any representation, more industry representation such as a minister, would really help raise awareness.”

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In the Booth: An Interview with Diana Varadi

At Ministry Venues it is the team that make us what we are. They are all unique characters with varied backgrounds and we thought it would be nice for you to get to know a little more about them. Here is a little on Diana Varadi the Sales Manager for Ministry Venues in her own words..

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into the events industry? 

I was born in Hungary and at the age of 12, my mother and I immigrated to Canada. At the age of 19 I moved to the UK by myself.

I was not in a position to be able to go to university, therefore I realised from quite young on that I will have to work twice as hard to get to where I want to.

My very first job in the UK was as a Security Officer. My shifts were from 6pm to 6am, and I mainly looked after abandoned factory sites. When an opportunity presented itself to move to Newcastle, I jumped on it and moved within a week. 

I walked into a hotel near where I lived and got offered a job as a housekeeper. I accepted the job and was very thankful, but I made it clear that I wanted to progress and showed them through hard work and dedication that I was going to make it. Within 2 months I was promoted to a reservationist and within 1 year I was the Front Office and Reservations Manager. That’s how my hospitality journey began, and I am ever so grateful for meeting the right people at the right time to guide me and see the potential in me. I was always target driven, organised, full of energy, creative and had extensive ability to problem solve and a special eye to detail which made start my career within the Events Industry. 

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Anything to do with food I am there! Food is such a big part of my culture. You continually feeding others, it is our love language. I remember growing up, even if my grandmother was angry at my grandfather, she always made sure he had something to eat. I love cooking and going to restaurants and appreciating all the flavours, hence travelling is probably my second favourite thing in the world. I am people person and I find it so fascinating learning about people’s backgrounds, journeys and traditions.

I am a binge watcher of Documentaries and Crime Series and as a problem solver I find it fascinating to see whether I was right.

I also used to dance on a professional level so I do like the occasional night out and at networking events I can often be the life and soul of the event.  

What do you like most about working in Events?

I love the entire process. Being able to provide a client a memorable experience is such a fulfilling feeling. The connections and great people you can meet is incredible. Seeing some event spaces transform is breath-taking. What people seem to forget that in events we all work together as a team to make one event come alive, sometimes it can be the very first time we meet. A successful event requires attention to detail, listening to your client’s needs and thinking outside the box. The key to deliver a successful event is 100% honesty, being relatable and making yourself available to your client. 

Why did you want to work for Ministry Venues?

I love the brand and what it does for its clients. The company is a great place to work and they really care about their clients and staff. Every event hosted at the venues is bespoke to the clients requirements, meaning that it is not just a cookie cutter events company and this makes it a unique and interesting place to work.

 If you could swap lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?

 Oprah Winfrey – She knows literally everyone!!! I would love to just send a message to her entire contact list and ask them if I can host their next event

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