Perton Signs

Catering for the exhibition and conference industries, Perton Signs provides sparkling prints for an ever-increasing range of applications. Today’s technology has enabled them to enhance our reputation for quality and reliability.

Jupiter VC

Jupiter VC delivers bespoke solutions for large, high-impact graphics, installations, and specialist projects. They offer a uniquely innovative consultant-led approach to partnering with clients and agencies and always deliver off-the-scale results.

Partridge Events

Partridge Events is a leading event design, theming, and planning company in London. Led by Managing Director Jacqui Partridge, they share a wealth of knowledge of upcoming trends in event design, and exquisite theming ideas.

Ferris Heart Sloane

Ferris Heart Sloane is a premium independent design, installation, and on-line retailer of unreal floral decoration, bringing together an impressive array of blooms, shrubs, and tree work to create or enhance the décor of every environment.